About Us

Ethical consultancy, change management, bespoke event management, community development projects, and years of successful award winning broadcasting on both television & radio are just some of the areas under the belts of husband & wife team  Patrick Hart and Sherrie Eugene Hart who have a formidable record of success and service delivery that crosses the genres of corporate and community whilst still maintaining the respect and admiration of the public.

These unique qualities led them to launch E-Com Media, an organisation that contained within it's own DNA the principles of Respect, Equality & Integrity. Three pillars that define E-Com Media’s approach to all areas of its business and build on the wealth of experience of it’s founders.


What Can We Do For You?

The question is, What can't we do! Because we have so much experience and have worked with so many awesome people...Whatever your dilemma, we will have a solution!

  • Radio/TV Production

  • Podcast Production

  • Public Relations

  • EDI Training

  • Event Management

  • Event Hosts


One more thing

Did we say we we're ethical? Oh yes, we did...

We don't judge as we believe that everyone has a right to an opinion, however we are picky with whom we work. If you share our ethical principles or aspire to, then get in touch.